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Research Resources

What we think research looks like (a straight line) vs what research really looks like (a messy line that goes in several loops and sometimes goes backward).


Whether you are working on a research project for a class, your EE or your IA, you can find helpful resources on the Library Guides.

Follow the links  to discover how to make your research process easier and more efficient, or make an appointment with the librarian for more information.




Citations & Organization

Citation Guide

Extended Essay Essentials


Newspapers & Magazines

New York Times



Fun YA Reads

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Leisure reading is important! Reading fiction expands your world (and your vocabulary). Take a few minutes each day to relax and read something just for fun.

New Books - The Natural World

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Explore these new books focused on the natural world. Some topics covered include

  • biology to animal (and plant!) intelligence
  • human biology, medicine, and disease
  • what we can learn from birds, bears, and and forests
  • science and scientists

New Graphic Novels - Memoirs

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If you liked Persepolis and Maus, check out these personal stories from around the world.