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Research Process

Evaluate Results & Sources

When you search for information you will find LOTS!!  

You need to be able to evaluate and select the best material for use in your research and writing - both print sources and the information you find on the Internet. 

The CRAAP Test was developed by the Meriam Library at California State University, Chico to help you evaluate the information you find.  It is a list of questions that help you determine if the sources you found are accurate and reliable.  Keep in mind that this list is not static or complete. Different criteria will be more or less important depending on your situation or need. 

An essential part of an Extended Essay is to ensure you have chosen the best resources to support and develop your arguments. This is clearly stated in Criteria A & C: 


From EE assessment Criterion A - Focus & Method: 

Methodology of the research is complete: An appropriate range of relevant source(s) and/or method(s) has been selected in relation to the topic and research question.  

There is evidence of effective and informed selection of sources and/or methods. 

Taken from: 5-6 point descriptors of strands and indicators 


From EE assessment Criterion C - Critical Thinking: 

The research is excellentThe research is appropriate to the research question and its application to support the argument is consistently relevant.  

Analysis is excellentThe research is analysed effectively and clearly focused on the research question; the inclusion of less relevant research does not significantly detract from the quality of the overall analysis.  

Conclusions to individual points of analysis are effectively supported by the evidence. 

Discussion/evaluation is excellent: The research has been critically evaluated. 

Taken from: 10 – 12 point descriptors of strands and indicators