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Extended Essay: What should be on the Title Page

A guide to the research process involved in your EE.

What should be on the Title Page

What should be on the  first page/title page of your EE?

The title page should include only the following information:

  • the title of the essay 
  • the research question 
  • the word count 
  • the subject for which the essay is registered 
    • if it is a language essay it should also state which category it falls into
    • if it is a world studies essay it should also state the theme and the two subjects utilized

Distinguishing Between the Title and the Research Question

  • The title is a clear, focused summative statement of the research which gives the reader an indication of the research topic. It should not be phrased as a research question.
  • The research question indicates the specific topic of research and must be phrased as a question.

What should NOT be on the  first page/title page of your EE?

The title page should NOT include only the following information:

  • your name
  • the school's name
  • any identifying pieces of information (on the title page, or any other section of the essay, such as headers or footers)


When work is uploaded, the IB tags each document with the student's digital profiles so personal details like your name, your school are not required.  Very important:  to make sure that IB assessment is unbiased and fair, IB does not give your name to examiners, so there should be nothing that could identify you in the essay itself


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