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Extended Essay: Initial Reflection Session

A guide to the research process involved in your EE.

Initial Reflection Session

The first reflection session will cover descriptive questions. Some of these may arise at this stage:

  • Why is this topic/research question appropriate and worthy of study?
  • Does your research question need to be modified in light of your initial research?
  • How did you undertake the necessary research?
  • Were you successful in gathering the data/information/evidence that you wanted?
  • Does the data you have collected so far allow you to answer your question? 
  • Do you need more sources of information in order to answer your question? Where might you find the data required?
  • What were the problems you faced? How did you tackle these problems?
  • Did your approach or methodology change in any way during the process so far?
  • What investigations are you undertaking?
  • What anticipated difficulties and challenges can you foresee in the next stage of the process? How do you intend to tackle or resolve these challenges?
  • Are there any issues or questions emerging from your data collection and research that you did not anticipate?
  • What have been the high and the low points of the research process?
  • What kind of issues and questions are you going to highlight in your RPPF?

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