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Extended Essay: Reflections ARE Important!

A guide to the research process involved in your EE.

Purpose of Reflection

Discerning Pros & Cons:

  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of your chosen approach?

Adjusting Action:

  • What should I do to counteract problems or limitations with my research approach?

Gap Filling:

  • What is missing from my research or analysis? What else should I be doing?

Re-evaluation Goals:

  • What is my research pointing to that differs from my initial hypothesis or position? Has my research focus changed?

Celebrating Failure:

  • What have I learned from my mistakes or choices made as part of research? How successful was I in overcoming them?

What is GOOD Reflection?


Good Reflection

  • meaningful
  • individual
  • ongoing and episodic
  • formative
  • corrective
  • uncomfortable
  • productive
  • social
  • challenging

Poor Reflection

  • descriptive only
  • complaining
  • criticizing only
  • boring
  • linear or static
  • politically correct
  • tick box
  • hour counting
  • a single task


How to Write IB Extended Essay Reflections

THIS LINK to IB Mastery will take you to an article about how to write EE Reflections.

Don't think it's worth your time to read?!?.....The Engagement Criteria for your EE is worth 6 MARKS...that's nearly 18% of your total mark and, as the article says, could push your grade up from a C to nearly an A!!

500 words isn't a lot...use them WISELY!

First reflection - descriptive - max. 150 words

Second reflectionanalytical - max. 150 words

Third reflectionevaluative - max. 200 words