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Extended Essay: Does your question work? - Feasibility Check-list

A guide to the research process involved in your EE.

Feasibility Check-list

1. Are the sufficient primary sources available (if appropriate)?

2. Are there sufficient secondary sources available (if appropriate)?

3. Can you access the sources in your location?

4. Do you have all the materials necessary to carry out your investigation, at hand (for example chemicals)?

5. Do you have all equipment necessary to carry out your investigation, at hand (for example, lab or computer equipment)?

6. Cab you access the materials and equipment in your location (have you gained necessary permissions)?

7. Can you begin your research immediately (for example, you do not need to defer your research until summer when you will visit X or Y place)?

8. Your research question (or title) can be assessed against the Extended Essay criteria?

9. The chosen research methods and concepts underpinning your research question are relevant and appropriate to the subject?

10. Does your research meet all the IB’s ethical guidelines on research and fieldwork?

From: Lekanides, Kosta. “Chapter 2 Getting Started.” Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Extended Essay Course Companion, Oxford University Press, 2016, p. 23.