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Extended Essay: Manage your time WISELY

A guide to the research process involved in your EE.

Make a plan & STICK TO IT!



You are expected to spend approximately 40 hours on the whole extended essay process.  You will have to be proactive in organizing and completing different tasks during those stages.  

Using the Extended Essay Timeline provided by the EE Coordinator you should prepare your own personal timeline for the research, writing, and reflection required for your EE.

Setting Personal Deadlines and Managing Your Time

Setting realistic deadlines for yourself and effectivly managing your time are really important skill to master for any student.  It's essential when you are undertaking a long-term project, such as the Extended Essay, where you need to spend time preparing, researching and writing up over a number of weeks - don't leave everything to the last minute!

To manage your time, it helps to:

  • be aware of your own time management
  • be aware of how long it takes you to complete each type of study task
  • schedule time for unforeseen events
  • schedule time for relaxation and leisure
  • be very specific in your time-planning

A Powerful Lesson in Time Management